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A quick update - Mom Rant 101
August 27th, 2006
02:56 pm


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A quick update
Why do I never have more time...at least I got some backlogged reading done...
Had a great wonderful talk with Rufuzzy last week. I love talking with him. Always have.
Had a massage from Robert. It was nice for my legs but did not much for back and neck, may be my fault as I was distracted with socializing, or Thai massage may not be my thing. I know it isn't lack of talent cuz that boys hands made me want to bear his children when he worked on me in Dallas.
It is hot and I am miserable. Seem to have lost all my heat tolerance with this last pregnancy. blah.
Just as wonderful was a chance to snuggle with the lovely Andrea. Mmm...yummy.
Definetely it is snuggles I need more of.

My daughters cat has started peeing on the couch in addition to peeing on the dirty laundry. grrr. Not sure what to do, anyone know of diapers for cats? *grin*
Heard from a teen who may want the job helping with the kids....fingers crossed.
Have yet another new case worker, but haven't met him yet, since I bummed out of our appt on thursday and haven't had the energy to call him back and reschedule.
Bill gave me a compliment yesterday, saying that he is very impressed at how well I hide my depression from the kids. Which is nice, but also means I guess that I am not hiding it from him well.
Baby calling. *sigh* back to the grind.
I sometimes miss the freedom of life pre-kid, then I feel like I should cut out that part of my brain for fear that thoughts like that will bring some sort of disaster.
Love to all, it helps to know you are all out there, even when I can't see you or read about your lives.

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