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Tomorrow we fly - Mom Rant 101
March 28th, 2007
08:53 am


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Tomorrow we fly
Tomorrow morning at crack of before dawn we leave for the airport. home to tx and no more internet connection...*sigh*
but: planning on spending the next 3 yrs fixing my credit and saving money and hopefully at the end of that we will buy a house on a slab with enough land for a horse. and a cable connection. that is the dream.

meanwhile....my son is PISSED OFF about weaning, and my daughter bursts into tears at the mention of no more breast milk...it is her favorite food, she says, because it is the color of the sunlight in the morning. Sometimes I really hate the compromises my disablities make me commit to.

Goddess, into your hands I commend my family. Carry them gently and deliver them safely, for they are my world. If it be your will that we join you this day, let me be a Mother unto the end, that they may join you in peace, and not in fear. Your will be done. Blessed be.

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Date:March 28th, 2007 03:32 pm (UTC)
Safe journies. Aiden fought weaning for a while, but he got over it. He wanted more food than was easily available.

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